March 26th Weather Update
This weeks weather looks great.  Winds are forecast out of the east and then south all week.  Only forecast to about 10-15 kts.  This will make for a good sailing conditions all week.  Just keep up with my morning blog for the daily conditions.  Today will be north and then east winds 10-15 kts. It will be a great ride.
Safety First:  Did you know that we run through a 25 point Pre-underway check list that has to be completed and signed before the ship gets underway each and every cruise. The First Officer is responsible to work with the various crew members responsible for each item. Once the list is complete the First Officer reports to the Captain that the ship is ready to get underway.  This list contains a wide variety of items from as basic as "main engines operational" to "passenger gangway safely connected".
Always "Safety First" at Victory Casino Lines!
Capt Tim

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