April 22nd Weather Update
Sea Story: (don't get me started on sea stories....:)  Some of our staff were amused by my story of using oak trees and church steeples for navigational reference.  This a very true account of the beginnings of ship piloting...It is also not such an "ancient" practice in the "third world" areas today.  I was on a 50,000 ton tanker during the first Iraq war in 1990.  We were to establish a beach-head supply line in Hurgahda, Egypt.  This was a small dessert Port in the Red Sea. There was no docks or any other type of Port facilities. When I arrived to enter the "Port" I was told there was not Pilot available for this Port.  I was instructed by "someone"...his name was Mohammad, to proceed into the port and I would see a long stick in the water.  Before I got to this stick turn to the south and go about 1/2 mile and drop my anchor......This was one of my "pucker factor" ship handling moments.....pucker factor??? You ask is that a nautical term??  Yes it is....but that is a story for another blog....Lol ;-)...stay tuned....
Capt Tim

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