August 3rd Update
The evening cruises have been picturesque with the near full moon rising on the eastern horizon.
Today will be more of the same.  The winds will be light this morning and the seas will be near calm.  The ride will be smooth with waves 1-2 feet.

The weekend will be great.  Great time to come and join us for a relaxing cruise.

Nautical Terms:  Pitch: We were talking about ship maneuvering at the dock.  The Pitch of the propeller in simple terms is the angle that the blades are from the vertical.  In other words "0" pitch would be a round piece of steel.  If you spin this in the water you get no forward motion.  Now you take this flat disc, divide it into 4 sections (blades) and put a forward angle on now have a propeller.  The "pitch" is defined as the distance (forward) that the ship would move with one full revolution of the propeller.  There is one catch.....this is defined as if the propeller was moving through something we have to consider "slip".....another day....
Come sail with us....
Capt Tim

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