September 9th Update

The weekend weather has been very good.  Woke up this morning to some fresh winds so thought I would check things out and give you all an update on your Sunday cruises.

The forecast is for some fresh Southwesterly winds today of 15-18kts and then fading away to 10-15 this afternoon and tonight.  The waves will be 3-4 ft this afternoon and then down to 2-3 this evening.  This will not effect our ride to much. We will run with the waves on the bow and stern.  There will be some easy  motion on the turns but this will be only for a few minutes.

The condition will get better through the day and then be very good for tonight's cruise.

If you are prone to motion sickness don't forget we offer the C-bands on board for a discount price.  We are getting very good reports on the effectiveness of these bands.

Com sail with us!
Capt Tim

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