September 12th Update

Tuesday's Cruises were a nice ride aboard the Victory 1.  The winds were as forecasted, 15-20 knots from the Northeast with diminishing winds from the East Northeast during the evening sail.  As predicted, the best ride was underneath the shoal in Captain's Cove where 2-3 foot seas were predominant.

Today's forecast is for the winds to continue from the East throughout the day at around 15 knots.  I expect the ride to be very similar to yesterday's cruises, light motion and 2-3 foot seas with the most motion being experienced during the turns.  
Ever wondered how ship Captain's avoided heavy weather before the introduction of modern day satellite technology and weather forecasting techniques?  Whenever it became apparent that bad weather was approaching, the Captain could employ Buys Ballot's Law to determine with near certainty where the center of the approaching low pressure system was located.  
In the northern hemisphere, if you stand with your back to the wind and point your left arm straight out to your left, you will be pointing towards the center of low pressure.  This is because the wind travels counter-clockwise around low pressure zones in the northern hemisphere.  However, in higher latitudes, it becomes more approximate and it's totally reversed in the southern hemisphere.
So when the next weather system passess through, you can try this technique to determine for yourself where the center of low pressure is.  In the meantime, let us monitor the weather for you and come join us for a great day on the water aboard the Victory 1.
Come sail with us!
Capt. Sean

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