September 24th Update
Hello Everyone and good Monday Morning!

We had a good weather weekend.  The winds were 5-10 most of the weekend from the North and Northeast.  The ride was consistently good all weekend.  Hope you all had enjoyable cruises.

This week the forecast is for Northerly and Northeast winds all week. Winds will be light at with 10-15 the maximum forecast.  Today will be from the North at 10-15.  The waves will be 2-3 feet and the ride will be very good.
Trivial pursuit:  I watched the latest movie version of "Snow White" with my kids over the weekend....this reminded me of another nautical tidbit about our (sailors) favorite past time of telling sea stories.....The way to tell the difference between a sea story and a fairy tale.....A fairy tale begins with "Once upon a time..."  and a sea story begins with "This ain't no bull-sh......t"........:).

Come sail with us...
Capt Tim

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