October 10th Update

At sea today and it feels like Fall!  Beautiful bright sunny day in Captains Cove!  The winds are from the North and it seems to have cooled down just a bit.  The winds are 10-15 kts and the seas are at about 2-3 feet. We are able to keep a good ride by running north and south.

Currently "Dead Reckoning" steering 060 degrees true at 4.2 Kts.
Navigation History:  Last time we talked about early navigation along a given latitude line.....and checking the position daily with a "noon fix".  Two very important notes to that lesson:  Fact:  At any point on this Earth, when the sun is at its highest point for the day (zenith)...the declination of the sun at the precise moment that it reaches it zenith is exactly equal to your latitude!  Exciting stuff right!

On the downside if the sun does not shine for a week or so you are pretty much SOL and back to good old Dead Reckoning....

Come sail with us,
Capt Tim.....

PS. Don't worry we invested in a Global Positioning Satellite system....I will get you back on time:)

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