October 15th Update

Through the weekend we had some choppy seas at 2-3 feet and up to 4 feet as the easterly winds slowly built up the seas. We were able to keep the ride quite good...with the exception of on the turns we had some moderate motion.

Early this week the winds will be subsiding to 5-10 kts from the east and then swing to the North on Tuesday.  They will swing back to the East on Wednesday and Thursday at 10-15 kts.

Waves will be 3-4 feet today and subside into Tuesday and Wednesday to 2-3 feet.

The ride will be good with some moderate motion on the turns.

Reminder:  For any guests that my be susceptible to motion sickness.  We do carry the C-band wrist bands.  We get great reports on the effectiveness of these bands. Please ask when you check in if your are interested in purchasing one.

Come sail with us..
Capt Tim

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