October 22nd Update

Hello everyone...

On the bridge before sunrise....feels like fall....there is a crisp north wind at about 10-15 kts.  Going to be a beautiful day and weekend.  The forecast calls for North winds today 10-15 kts and tonight at 5-10 kts. 

This will not produce much of a sea...perhaps 2ft in Captains cove.  The winds will subside slightly this evening and make for a great  cruise.
Sunday the winds will be north at 10-15 kts again.  The seas will be about 2 ft in Captain's cove.
Capt Tim continued...First DR lesson from Dad...."learn as you go".  The Maine coast is known for dense fog in the summer....dense like my boat was 18 ft long and you MIGHT be able to see the bow from the stern....."DR" navigation is very important.....in those days we had a small magnetic compass and our "gut".  Lesson number one was always believe both....On this particular morning I left the dock at our home and struck out on a east course toward the island I needed to find  to start my first string of lobster traps.....after about 20 min I started doubting my compass and my gut...."I think the island is just a leeeetle more to the right".....and so on and so on.  About 30 minutes later I made a perfect arrival......back at the dock in my front yard.....:)....of course the first thing I did is look around to see if my Dad had seen me return....LOL....Instantly had a story ready....forgot my lunch ya know...:)
PS....dont worry I am better at DR these days...just a leeetle....;-)
Come sail with us,
Capt Tim

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