Sunday 10/28/12 Update
Sandy has finally passed to the east and north of us so the effects on are coastline have been diminishing through the night and will continue diminishing today.

Today's forecast is for Northwest winds 20 kts and diminishing to 15-20 kts.  The waves will be 3-5 ft and diminishing.  As I write the wave height at the 3 mile buoy are 4.7 ft and have been coming down all night.

The winds will be blowing from the beach so the waves will not build with the diminishing winds.

The will be some motion of the ship initially and with the turns.   The conditions will improve all day.

C-Bands:  We are now stocking the motion sickness C-bands.  These have been working great for our guests if you are prone to motion sickness.  Please give them a try if you are concerned.  We have them available at the Players Club or in the Terminal for $6.00.  This is a great price as they are $10-12 at the Drug Stores....

Come sail with us!
Capt Tim

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