November 9th Update

Hello everyone,

Spent the last 2 days up in Captains Cove.  The winds were gusty at about 25 kts from the North and Northwest.  but with the protection from the Natural reefs of Cape Canaveral we only saw waves of about 2-3 feet.  This made for a blustery day on the Tiki deck but the ride was still very good with little motion.

Today the forecast is for the wind to come to the east at 10-15 kts. This is the forecast through the entire weekend. The waves will be 2-3 feet and we will come back out of Captains Cove and run our routine east and west keeping the waves on the bow and stern.

Forecast reminder: As we get into the fall and winter season we would like to remind you that as you watch the weather forecast on the local stations or the NOAA and and other web sites remember this is a forecast for up to 20 (and some are 60) miles offshore. These forecasts do not take into account the special features of the Victory 1 operating area.

We fondly refer to this area as Captains Cove.  It is a small protected cove just north of the main ship channel and south of the Cape Canaveral natural reefs.  If you look at it on the chart it does form a underwater cove of deep water that is just outside the 3 mile limit.   The local forecast is not accurate for this area.  When I write my Blog...I take into account all these factors and even more so my 15 years of experience operating in this area....Then I give you an accurate forecast on what to expect on any particular cruise....

Come Sail with us....
Capt Tim

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