November 20th Update
Hello Everyone,

We will continue to have the blustery fall weather through Thursday.  I will keep you posted on the conditions in Captain's Cove.  The winds are from the north at 15-20 kts and will be the same until Thursday.  These are the conditions where we take advantage of the natural barrier of the Canaveral reefs.

The seas at this moment at the 3 mile buoy are 3.6 feet. The local and the NOAA forecast predict 6-9 feet.  So you can see this is the prediction for up to 20 miles offshore and do not apply to our operating area.   As I look at the history this is what they have been at all night.  They do not show any increase.

So the ride today will be good with some slight motion on the brief turns. The winds will be blustery at 15-20 from the North and the seas will be 2-4 feet.

Come sail with us!
Capt Tim

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