December 10th Update
Happy Holidays everyone!

There has not been much to report this past week....the winds have been very light but the easterly sea has been persistent.  The sea has been about 2-3 feet in our operating area.  We are able to keep a good ride with this height of sea so the cruises have been comfortable.

Today the winds will be from the Southeast at less than 10kts. The seas will be 2-3 feet from the east.  The 3-mile buoy right now is reading 2.5 feet.  Today will be a nice day and the ride will be good.

The conditions will remain the same through Thursday when the winds will shift around to the north.

Come sail with us Today!

Special events:

Late sailing on Friday's:  We will be sailing at 8pm on Friday nights for the months of December and January.  The ship will depart at 8pm and arrive back at the dock at 1am.  We hope this allows our guests traveling in from out of town a more time to make it to the cruise!  

We are looking for your feedback on this modified schedule??  Please fill out a comment card or comment on Facebook or by email....

There is still time to sign up for our New Years Eve celebration....come join us.  There is limited availability and the tickets are going fast!!!

Capt Tim

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