December 30th Update
Hello Everyone,

It is a chilly and breezy morning on the bridge of the Victory 1. Winds were out of the West and Northwest yesterday so we had a good ride up in Captains Cove.

The winds are out for the west right now at 10-15 kts. The waves a the 3-mile buoy right now are 2 feet.

Today The winds will swing to the North at 15kts so we will continue to have a good ride up in Captains Cove. The waves will be about 2 feet and should be a bright sunny day.  Tonight will be about the same with the winds dropping and swing to the east.

Monday the winds will swing to the Southeast at 10-15  kts. The waves will be 2-3 feet in our operating area and we will have a good ride.  The winds for our New Years Eve party will be South at only 5-10Kts.

We will have a very nice night for our special event....still a few of the limited reservations remaining.....come on make those last minute plans to spend New Years Eve with the Victory family....

Remember we sail at 7:30 pm on Monday Night.....but get here early....We will start boarding at 6pm.

Come sail with us....

Capt Tim

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