January 7th Update
Hello Everyone,

We had a bit of a rainy weekend but the winds remained light.  The ride was good throughout the weekend.

Today the forecast is for 15-18 from the Northeast.  The waves will be 2-3 feet in our operating area. We will run and east and west and the ride will be good with slight motion on the turns....

Tonight the winds will be dropping to 10-15kts from the East.  The waves will be 2 ft and dropping....this will make for a good ride for the evening cruise.

Whale Sightings: We have had several Whale sightings in the past week.  This was quite impressive as this is the mating season of both the "Right Whale" and the Pilot Whales.  I observed a pod (family) of whales jumping nearly clear of the water on Thursday.  Quite a treat to be able to witness this.

Come Sail with us!
Capt Tim

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