January 10th Update
Hello Everyone,

This week has been a great weather week.  The winds have been light or calm all week.  There has been some 2-3 ft easterly sea coming in from some distant weather system....the Surfers love it, but we just have to focus on giving the customers a good ride....we have been running east and west and making our turns as seldom as possible.  Yesterday the waves were 3 ft at the 3-mile buoy and right now they are 2.6ft.  So looks like they may be coming down.

Today and through the weekend the forecast is very good.  Just more light easterly and southeasterly winds at 10-12 kts.  This is summer like weather (low 80's) so I know you "snowbirds" are loving it!

The ride will be very good with the seas below 2 ft.

Definitions: Weather: "The state of the earths atmosphere with respect to temperature, humidity, precipitation, visibility and cloud cover. All weather is traced ultimately to the effects of the sun on the earth....."

This comes from what all professional mariners consider the "bible" we all study this publications at one point or another in our career...."American Practical Navigator, an epitome of Navigation"  originally written by Nathaniel Bowditch and first published in 1802.

Check it out an amazing publication over 200 years old.

Come Sail with us!
Capt tim

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