January 18th Update
Hello Everyone,

I am sure you are all aware by now of the cold front hat moved into our area yesterday afternoon!  Just step outside:)  There was some strong westerly winds last night up to 30 kts.  This did not affect us as they were out from the West and directly off the beach.  The waves were only 1-2 ft in our operating area.

The forecast for today is for North to Northeast 15-20.  The waves will be 3-4 ft in our operating area.  Today the winds will be out of the North so of course we will go to Captain's Cove.  The waves there will be 2-3 feet.
The waves right now at the 3 mile buoy are only 1.6 feet.
Grab your sweater and come sail with us.....

-Capt Tim
The Tide:  It is quite well known that the Tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon as it orbits the earth.  The Oceans are "pulled" toward the side of the earth that the moon is on in simple terms.  The interesting part to me is while the Oceans are pulled toward the moon......you also have the residual effect of the water falling to the opposite side of the earth....so you not only get a high tide on the side of the earth toward the moon..but another high tide (of lesser height) on the opposite side of the earth...Ha!  take another sip of coffee as that wakes up some brain cells. :)

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