January 29th Update
Hello Everyone,

We had a very good weekend for weather.  Mother nature is being kind this winter and with light winds and the winds that we do get are predominantly form the North and West.  We had a good ride all weekend with the winds from the east and Northeast at about 10-15 kts. The waves were 1-2 feet.

This week the forecast is for South winds at 10-15 kts for today and Wednesday. The waves will be 2-3 feet. We will run north and south for this with a long run and on 2-3 turns.  The ride will be good with some minor motion on the turns.

On Thursday the winds will be back from the North and only 10-15 kts.  We will be back to Captains cove and have a great ride!!  The weekend looks very good as well....

Monday was Inspection Day...You may wonder why we did not sail on Monday....this was our quarterly USCG inspection.  We had the Coast Guard on board all day to inspect the ship and the capabilities of the crew....This is a very detailed inspection.  We actually went to sea and simulated a normal cruise....the inspectors then move about the ship and report a simulated fire to one of our crew members.....The rest of the crew must immediately move into emergency procedures.....we fight the simulated fire with  the USCG changing the situation continuously to see how the crew reacts...this all ends with a total abandon ship and evacuation of all the simulated passengers and crew....

We had a great day and "passed" all the tests with compliments from the inspectors....

Our experienced crew and daily and weekly drills and training paid off....More importantly....you,  our guests can feel safe in knowing we are ready and able to handle any unlikely emergency.....and as I advise our guests in my daily safety and information speech,...."Here at Victory your safety is our primary concern"

Come sail with us!
Capt Tim

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