Capt TIm's Advice

Capt Tim's Advice to a Concerned Guest

My name is Captain Tim Levensaler on board the Victory 1 casino ship.  My sales team said you had some concerns about the weather for your cruise on Saturday.  I closely review the weather forecasts several times every day.

I see your concerns as the forecast is for high winds 25-30 kts.

The important issue is from which direction.  It is not the wind but the waves we have to be concerned with.

This "blow" will come first from the West and then from the Northwest.  The west wind will blow directly from the beach and the Northwest directly from the natural protection of Cape Canaveral. (the actual Cape not the city).

We only operate 3-3.5 miles off the beach. We are always under the protection of the beach or the cape from any West/Northwest or North winds.

The waves will be about 2 feet to a maximum of 3 feet.  This ship is 300 ft long with 5 decks.  She weighs nearly 3000 tons.  We will have a great  ride.

I am a 30 year Unlimited Ocean ships's Master.  I can assure you that you and your party will be perfectly safe. 

If I could not assure this the ship would not leave the dock!

I hope you come and enjoy the day.

Capt Tim

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