March 5th Update
Hello Everyone,

There is a lot of wind in the current forecast for the next few days,,,,,This is another great time to remind everyone of the benefits of my weather blog.  These winds are again from the West and the Northwest.  These are the best winds for us up in Captains Cove.  The West winds blow directly from the beach.  at 3-4 miles out there is no time for the waves to build up.  And from the Northwest we are under the direct protection of The famous Cape Canaveral.....the Cape not the city.

Tuesday Day cruise will be a beautiful day with light and variable winds.  Seas will be 1 foot or less.  Tonight the winds will pick up from the SW briefly and then swing west at 20 kts.  This will be directly off the beach.  The seas on the forecast are 4-6 ft.  IN CAPTAINS COVE THEY WILL BE MAX OF 2 FT.

Wednesday forecast is for 20-25 from the West.  As I explained the waves in Captain's cove will actually only get up to 2 feet....even though the forecast is for 4-6 feet and high winds.....Nothing to worry

Come sail with us!
Capt Tim

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