September 19th 2013 Update

Saturday looks like a beautiful day with winds from the east at 5 kts and then Southeast 10-15kts for the evening. The waves will be 2-3 feet and subsiding.

Sunday we will see a change in the weather pattern with winds shifting to the Southwest and then to the Northwest at 10 kts. We may get another small taste of fall with the Northwest winds....or maybe I am an optimist...???

Safety Tip: One of the first lessons a new sailor learns in Ship-safety-101 ( I made that up) is a easy memory aid I thought I would pass along. " Always move about the ship with one hand for yourself and one hand for the ship". This is a very important factor when sailors are moving about the ship performing their duties. I would pass that on to our guests. When moving about the ship, especially when using the stairwells. Keep one hand full of your favorite cocktail or a fist full of Victory Casino Chips.....but always keep one hand free for the ship. More specifically hold onto the handrail when going up or down the stairs!! Also keep a sharp eye on where you are walking.....most of the ships doors by design have some sort of a Threshold that you need to step over when you pass through.....Step up and over!!

Please be careful when moving about the ship :):).

Come sail with us!
Capt Tim


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