November 14th 2013 Update

We traveled to Captains Cove. The waves were about 4-5 feet.....This is a perfect example of what I have been professing in my Blog for 2 years now.....You cant go by the public forecasts for the waves when we are going to operate in Captain's Cove.

The waves were forecast up to 9 feet.....the maximum we saw was an average of 4 feet with an occasional 5ft.  The 3 mile weather buoy, located on the southern end (least protected) of Captains cove had an average for the day of 4/5 feet.

Today the winds have subsided to 15-20 from the east....we will still have a residual sea of 4 feet. This will last most of today and will subside tomorrow.

The weekend looks good at this point but I will update my blog on Friday.

Thanks for sailing with us!
Capt Tim


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