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Secret Tips On How To Get On Survivor!

Getting on a reality show such as Survivor is practically everyone’s dream these days. Many reality TV stars have taken their time on a program and turned themselves into a brand. With all the competition to get on Survivor, producers have to sift through thousands of applications before choosing the final cast. Victory Casino is hosting auditions in their terminal on Sunday, April 10th from 10am-2pm, which gives you a real-life sit down with the decision makers, choosing the next cast of Survivor. Are you looking to be the next cast away? You have to make yourself stand out among crowd. While there’s no perfect formula to getting on the Emmy Award-winning series, there are 11 things that you can do to increase your chances.

  1. According to Survivor producers, they want cast members with life experience who know how to negotiate and work with others. Real world experience is KEY so it is important to have traveled and volunteer to enhance your people skills.
  2. Watch the show and be informed about the instructions for casting. Follow the directions and include the requested information. Make sure you have your US Passport.
  3. Be an extreme version of yourself. Don’t try to change your personality to get on the show.
  4. Apply through multiple channels. Go to casting calls, like the one on Sunday April 10th at Victory Casino and then make a video. You never know what exactly will catch the attention of the producers.
  5. Make the first 15 seconds of your video and interview pop to keep the producer’s attention. If you can’t engage the producer, you won’t be able to keep the audience engaged.
  6. Be interesting at the casting call. Remember that Survivor is challenging, both mentally and physically. Demonstrate what you have that indicates you can overcome the stress you will face on the show.
  7. Be articulate at the casting call. Don’t use filler words, like “uh” or “like.” Tell a story and be specific. For example, instead of saying that you want to change the world, let the producers know how you would do that.
  8. Talk about your flaws and what makes you unique. Give producers a reason to remember your personality. Flaws are not failures.
  9. Avoid talking about your failures. The fact that you just lost your job or home will not improve your chances with the producers. They need more than just serendipity to cast you in the show.
  10. Understand the show to know what it takes to win. Think about the casting call much like a job interview. Discuss the ways you already play the game in your own life or how you apply the game in your work. Have examples of what makes you a winner.
  11. Keep applying through all available avenues. You might be surprised at how much you change in just a couple of years when you’re out in the real world. By gaining people skills, you may up your chances. Reapplying also shows a commitment to attaining your goal.

Victory Casino Cruises is hosting the Survivor Casting Call in their terminal from 10am-2pm.
Do you have what it takes to be the next cast away?

Book A Cruise For After You Audition

2nd Annual 1 Million Penny Giveaway All-Inclusive Cruise on Saturday, March 12th from 7.00PM to 1.00AM



Are you looking to take a short break from your ever busy schedule by having a night of pure, unrestricted fun? Well, what you need is an exclusive world class cruise that will make you feel like you are sailing over the Bahamas, thanks to all the fun. The best part is that you stand to a chance to be the winner of our 2nd annual 1 million penny giveaway; in simple English, a whopping $10,000!
This is the night you take out your partner or spouse for a romantic cruise dinner as you cross your fingers and wait to see if you are the lucky winner. Victory Casino Cruises are the Ferrari of all cruises. It’s not just a matter of taking a ride in a large and fancy yacht. No, from the moment you get on board, you can swear you are smack in the middle of the Pacific en-route to Bora Bora.
No one does romance like Victory Casino Cruises, and we provide the perfect Casino Royale feel with our world class cruise casino and for one night, you can take on the role of James Bond’s cast and forget all your problems. Aside from the 1 million penny giveaway and casino experience, we have so many fun, all-inclusive offers going on for this one night cruise that will blow your mind.

If you love your drink and want to let loose, you will no doubt enjoy the open bar that has one of the largest drinks selection on offer. You can go for something mellow and sweet to commemorate your romantic evening with your partner, or you can go for something neat to give you the James Bond feel.
There will also be live band action featuring The Jonnie Morgan Band, and if you place a request early, you can watch your lady swoon over as she gets serenaded by the best band in the business. Dance along to the sweet music in the arms of the one you love.
We also offer boarding if you are looking to spend a romantic and lucky night sleeping on water and in case the hunger pangs strike, we have sumptuous late night breakfast made by the greatest chefs. We also have an a la carte menu, but this is not included in the cruise package

There will also be a cash prize drawing every hour where there will be over $20,00 guaranteed cash prizes and the grand prize draw for the 1 million pennies - $10,000!


Lovestruck Robot at Victory Casino!



Saturday, March 19th is a day you should set aside for the ultimate music extravaganza. Victory Casino Cruise is welcoming back Lovestruck Robot, and they will be taking center stage in Big Norm’s Club V. Join us for a night full of dancing, drinking, partying and great fun.
Do you love Justin Timberlake, Amy Winehouse, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, The Supremes, Lenny Kravitz and Outkast? Now imagine getting a power blender and throwing all these music acts in the blender. The result? The perfect musical smoothie. That’s exactly who Lovestruck Robot are. A beautiful mashup of your favorite musicians.
This explosive, fresh and young music group is super talented, and they know how to throw one big musical party. All the fun activities that make the Victory Casino Cruise will still be in play and you can shuffle between great music by Lovestruck Robot and some casino fun like playing your favorite game.
This event is the perfect place to take your love interest if he/ she is a great music fan who has a taste for nothing but the best. We are talking about a group that has performed all over the world in some of the biggest arenas such as the Superbowl, Ritz Theater, World Famous House of Blues and they have also performed on American Idol and The Voice. These are real pros who are really good at what they do.
Lovestruck Robot’s repertoire consists of throwback Motown mashups and old school classic to the top 40 cover tunes that are specially designed to make people from all ages dance and have a good time.
If you happen to be in Florida, and you enjoy playing in the most exclusive and expensive casinos, Victory Casino Cruise is the place to be on this particular Saturday. Dance along to the best music and when you are ready to chill out, play in our world-class casino that only accepts exclusive clients. You can be sure you are going to be in the right company as you sip on the most expensive drinks and dine on the finest dinner prepared by the best chefs.
A night featuring the best music on a world class cruise is the true definition of a magical night. Be sure to get one of the coveted slots by booking with us well in advance to avoid getting disappointed. Lovestruck Robot are all the rage right now, and tickets are selling like hot cake, so hurry while stocks last.


World Champion Cowboy Trevor Dreher at Victory Casino!



Sundays are pretty laid back and you mostly just want to sleep in till around 10.00 am then chill out for the rest of the day as you gear up for the Monday drill. How about a relaxing afternoon with the world renowned world champion cowboy Trevor?
Victory Casino Cruise is offering a day of pure country music fun and rope tricking on Sunday, March 20th on our noon cruise. Noon is the perfect time to go on a country music cruise from one of the best as you will have had plenty of time to recover from your Saturday night fun if you were out partying all night.

If you are a country music lover, you are going to have the time of your life at our Big Norm’s Club V. There is also plenty to enjoy such as our famed world-class casino games. Indulge yourself with the classics to the more modern games where you can try your hand at luck, or simply just have fun. 

Take this time to also reflect on how you want your coming week to be as you watch the waves on deck and enjoy the calming breeze that is sure to take away all sorts of blues.
Dress code for the day will be cowboy chic, so feel free to come dressed as a cowboy or cowgirl and dance the afternoon away with live performances from world champion cowboy Trevor Dreher. You can also expect some country fun such as riding the mechanical bull to see who is the greatest cowboy or cowgirl of them all.

There will be so much dancing, drinking and eating that you can’t afford to miss out on one of the most exciting Sundays in March. Clear your schedule for this day and book in advance to ensure you sit in the front row of this amazing live country music performance.
Invite all your country music-loving pals and family for greater fun after which you can hit the casino and bet the afternoon away.You never know when lady luck is going to smile down on you. So, start planning early and if you don’t have a cowboy or cowgirl outfit, hit the stores and get the coolest attire for the day. Nothing will pump you up in readiness for Monday as a live country music show by Trevor Dreher on the Victory Casino Cruise. See you then!


Squawk the Parrot Show on Wednesday, March 9th on Our AM Cruise



What’s your idea of a great morning when on a vacation? Does it involve sleeping in or going for a beautiful morning cruise? If you chose the morning cruise, you made a perfect choice. Victory Casino Cruises always have you covered for fun activities, and what’s more, you can enjoy classic casino games such as blackjack as you sip on your favorite drink. Who knows? Today could be your lucky day.

Now if you have been following the America’s Got Talent Show, then you are well aware of squawk the parrot show. How would you like to get front row tickets for this exclusive and thrilling show? Victory Casino Cruise will be hosting squawk the parrot show on Wednesday, March nine on our morning cruise and you simply can’t afford to miss out. Where else do you get a chance to enjoy the greatest cruise ever and the parrot show that everyone is talking about at the same time?
If you are wondering what a group of parrots can do apart from mimic someone, you are in for one of the greatest surprises of your life. Squawk the parrot show is not your ordinary bird show or should we say parrot show. These are the most professional performers you are ever going to meet and that have so much going for them than their good feathered looks.
We are not talking about boring lectures or mimicry here; you will be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of talents displayed by these birds. From painting, performing card tricks, mind reading, performing math tricks, dancing and a good dose of comedy, you will be left asking for more when the curtains come down.

Squawk the parrot show is very quick paced and so there is not a chance you are going to get bored. It is a show written for adults, and so you can expect some rude but rib cracking jokes. There is no sense in giving so much away, but you have a rough idea of what you can expect and you can even run a quick internet search on squawk the parrot show to get a better idea.
Make advance bookings now, to avoid missing a slot in this widely anticipated morning cruise. If you love having fun in the water, then take the next step and make your booking now. Do not forget to carry your recorder and camera because there will be unforgettable moments to capture.

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