Big Team Building Results near Saint Augustine Florida

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsYou’ve probably heard about the success large and small companies are finding at the team building event venue near Saint Augustine Florida. The special ambiance is conducive to participation in group activities. What’s the secret? It has a lot to do with location. We’re not talking real estate, but the area of operation! The event takes place on a 3-deck Catamaran style ship on the Atlantic Ocean outside of Jacksonville.

Holding or attending team meetings at or near the office makes it hard it to have a meeting without being interrupted. It seems as if every team member is fair game if they are less than 30 minutes away. Not only Is Victory II a little over an hour away, five hours of ocean travel once the ship sets sail prohibits an early route back to work.

Let’s talk convenience! Not everyone wants to drive to Jacksonville for a team meeting. Make plans for your team to catch the Victory Bus at 8 am. You can go over some of the meeting highlights on the way to Mayport Village and complete the rest of the team building event at the venue near Saint Augustine Florida. The bus drops passengers off right by the ship, making it convenient to get in the boarding line for the late morning cruise.

Victory Casino Cruises understands the importance of a successful meeting that encourages attendees to learn and participate. After all, our business depends on teams that work together effectively towards a common purpose! If there are 10 or more in your group, speak with our group sales team to discuss the discounts and incentives you’ve earned. We’ll even set up a room for you to wrap up your team event!

VCC’s team building event venue near Saint Augustine Florida features two sailings a day. Pick the late morning or evening cruise. There’s time for a meeting, delicious lunch or dinner, and relaxation at the SportsBook, tables, slots, or on the open deck. This is a great opportunity to find out about one another as well as overall company goals. Call VCC today for more information at 855-GO-VICTORY.


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